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Dr Olson specializes in working with children, families and adults who grew up living with domestic violence and abuse


Dr Linda Olson, LLC.
49 Locust Ave Suite 104
New Canaan,CT 06840
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"As a psychologist, child of domestic violence and victim advocate who lost two younger sisters to violence, I am deeply committed to helping children who grow up living with domestic violence overcome and heal their pain and to breaking the cycle of generational domestic violence. "
Dr. Linda Olson
" We must be willing to share the truth, to speak the truth and to live the truth if we are going to end domestic violence "
Dr. Linda Olson
"Thank you for helping me feel safe enough to come out of my shell, and to recognize and accept the value of my inner self."
"Dr Olson truly cares and she will always do her best to understand and fight for you."
" The value of not feeling isolated and understanding that the abuse was not my fault nor did I contribute to it was invaluable"
"Thank you for who you are and what you do. I can feel it - you know it and live it and love it".
"Thank you for teaching me to love myself unconditionally and to learn to ask for what I need".
"Dr Olson is a highly skilled therapist. Her energy and enthusiasm to help people feel safe is amazing".
"I had been in therapy for many years before I found someone who really understood me and knows the pain of abuse."
"I always felt listened to and supported by you. You have so much wisdom to give. Thank you Dr Olson."
"Dr Olson exceeded my expectations. Her help and support is incredible. She taught me how to empower myself"
"Therapy confirmed the truth and helped me feel accepted and understood"
"Dr Olson made me feel welcome, empowered and understood"
"I finally found someone who understood what I was going through"
"You are extremely understanding, non-judgmental, supportive, and a good listener and gave me great advice"
"Dr Olson is extremely committed to promoting the fundamental rights for all individuals to be safe in their personal relationships. She helped me to feel safe and helped me to see myself"
"You are well-trained and compassionate. You always encouraged me to have the courage to be my best self and love myself unconditionally."
"Dr. Olson through her own personal suffering has a unique gift and ability to work with couples who are children of domestic violence and divorce. She has an empathic presence that is remarkable." Larry and Joan
Larry and Joan
"Thank you for helping us advocate for our children while we went through our divorce."
Sue and Vick
"Dr. Olson helped us to really understand that without deep soul-searching about why we married in the first place and our roles in the breakdown, that we will repeat the same dynamic in our next relationship."
Jeff and Cathy
"Dr Linda helped me to realize through therapy how much I was using money to control and hurt my wife and my children and how much I was repeating the same financial abuse that was done to me."
"Dr. Linda taught us that how to love and feel safe with each other. Her help saved our marriage."
Jennifer and Andrew
"Your insight and therapy skills around helping couples learn now to communicate about money is amazing."
Tom and Lisa
"Thank you for helping us to feel safe and to learn how to stop hurting each other unintentionally in our marriage"
Bill and Laura
"Thank you for helping me learn how to stop financially abusing my partner and learn how to stop the generational financial abuse in my family"
"Dr Olson helped us learn how to communicate more effectively about money and taught us how to mange our emotions around money"
Sam and Mary
"Dr. Linda Olson the psychologist, the victim advocate, the healer has a vision for how the world should be and she has the will to make it happen. She is committed to ending domestic violence because it has impacted her life so personally with the loss of two sisters. Her drive, energy and ability to raise hope enable her to advocate for unconditional love and support that she pioneers as one of the ways to heal all."
"Linda Olson was a psychologist long before she obtained her PhD. I say this because Dr. Linda Olson, has an innate ability to reach out to people of all ages on many different levels and relate with empathy to the particular needs of the human condition. She does this due to a deep observation and respect for others as well as a level of integrity developed throughout her many years of education and journey of self discovery. This quest for learning and awareness, has led to a healthy respect and love for her physical and emotional well being. In recognizing that by having her emotional house in order, she is able to be a guide for others to do the same. The result is the gift to themselves of unconditional love. First love yourself so you may pass that gift on to others one heart to another, two hearts becoming one. I am proud to know the woman, the Dr. and friend."
Jackie Taylor