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Are you a woman who is being emotionally abused or controlled?  Struggling with low self- esteem, depression, financial stress, anxiety or relationship issues? Do you have a hard time expressing your needs in relationships or standing up for yourself? I can help you overcome your personal struggles with Individual Therapy Sessions with me, Dr. Linda Olson.

 Are you happy in your relationship? I offer Imago Relationship Therapy for couples seeking to find a way to communicate more effectively and increase emotional safety and joy in their relationships.

Build client trust and increase client satisfaction

The Financial Style Profile (FSP) is a new and unique scientifically validated, personality-based financial assessment tool. The tool was created to build client trust, increase client satisfaction and help clients communicate more effectively about money. "After spending 7 years in divorce court, years in couples counseling and financial planning sessions, I wanted to create a tool to help couples reduce financial conflict, the leading cause of divorce."

 Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Relationships and Money Advice Columnist and Financial Behavior Specialist

Unconsciously, we often carry our mother's financial anxiety and re-enact our father's financial disappointments. This unconscious process sets us up to repeat similiar patterns of the failed relationships of parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. Just as we inherit physical characteristics, such as eye color and blood type, we also inherit the left over pain from stressful events that have taken place in our family. The physical traits are easy to recognize, the emotional pain and unconscious patterns are harder to detect.

Unresolved trauma and pain including, some going back two or three generations can control us and cause us unnecessary suffering, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, financial stress and relationship confllict. If you do not transform your pain, you will almost always transmit it onto others.Take the first step to helping yourself, by learning to stop judging yourself.

I have found that people who suffer from depression, financial anxiety, stress disorders and relationship conflict tend to constantly judge themseleves and judge others in very black and white terms as either good/bad, right/wrong, stupid/smart, lazy/crazy. This negative all or nothing thinking reinforces depression, anxiety and hopelessness.

I have also found that people who have suffered in some way are able to help one another - exactly as the Twelve-Step Program also discovered. Deep connection and compassion is formed much more by shared pain than by shared pleasure.

I have the compassion, and years of professional and personal experience to help you live your life to the fullest.

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