I met Linda Olson four years ago at a point of emotional crisis in my life.  It was very hard for me to reach out for help and I was afraid that no one could understand my very unique problem (or so I thought).  Looking back, I am certain that my introduction to Linda was a miracle of profound healing. She displayed a steadfast capacity to hear me, to understand my fears and to help me to understand them myself.  She didn’t want to advise me on specific actions as much as give me the confidence to advise myself.  She helped me develop the tools I needed to ride out the crisis and the courage to even begin taking the driver’s seat. 

Although I initially contacted Linda because of a relationship conflict, what I learned as we navigated that crisis together was easily transferred to other relationships and, perhaps most importantly, to my self-awareness and spiritual growth.  I have a very different and more authentic perspective on my life, my feelings, my relationships and my spirituality today.  I wouldn’t trade the pain and the progress of the past four years for anything.  I am forever grateful for the supportive and encouraging role Linda has played in helping me reach a wider and more meaningful level of living.  She is a gifted empath and talented therapist.  I highly recommend her.